Water/Sewer Service

Garbage Service

Closing/Final Bill Requests

Low-Income Senior/Disabled Citizens Utility Rate Reduction


The City of Colville provides water and sewer services to its citizens and businesses. In addition, the City provides water service to several out-of-town customers. The billing cycle is one (1) calendar month with a billing date of the last day of the month and due date of the 15th of the month following the billing date.

Water and sewer services are billed as follows:

2018 Utility Rates

Irrigation 501(c)3 Ordinance 1590 N.S.

Water Service Ordinance No. 1490 N.S.

Sewer Service Ordinance No. 1491 N.S.



Additional Charges

Administrative Fee

Reconnection of Delinquent Disconnect after 2:30 p.m.

Late Fee


Utility Tax






$5.00 if paid after 3:00 p.m. on the 15th


6% on water/sewer



Garbage Service


Garbage service within the Colville city limits is contracted with Sunshine Disposal and Recycling. Please contact Sunshine directly for service levels and fees.


Sunshine Disposal & Recycling

11320 W. McFarlane Rd.

Airway Heights, WA  99001

(509) 685-0109

(509) 252-9069 Fax


 2018 Solid Waste Rate Ordinance




Closing/Final Billing Request


Whenever a property with water and sewer service is sold, the closing agent must verify that no outstanding liens against the property exist per RCW 60.80. Water and sewer services are an unrecorded lien against the property.


Closing/Final Billing Form



Low-Income Senior/Disabled Citizens Utility Rate Reduction

The City of Colville is pleased to provide a reduced utility base fee for water and sewer charges and a 50% discount on a 32-gallon garbage container to low-income senior/disabled citizens.

The form below must be completed and submitted by April 30 in order to qualify for the benefit year beginning June 1 in the current year and ending May 31 in the following year.

The City Treasurer will need to verify your income. When you return the application, please bring the following:

     1.  A copy of your most recent IRS tax return


         Your Social Security Insurance distribution statement


         Your bank statement showing direct deposit of benefits into your account


        A copy of all prior year 1099's that you have received for investments or interest earned on a bank account

     2.  Proof of any other income that you receive on a monthly or annual basis

Low-Income Senior/Disabled Utility Rate Reduction form

PLEASE NOTE: The downloadable documents on this page are available in PDF

format. If you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, please follow this link. 

Non-Discrimination Statement


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In partnership with its citizens, businesses and service organizations, the City of Colville will facilitate a forward-looking, people-friendly community that champions our community’s diversity and respects the individual.