Business Registration
The new business registration  Ordinance No. 1625 N.S. was approved by the City Council on November 13, 2018.  This new ordinance models the language from the State of Washington State Business License System.

Effective January 1, 2020, a business registration will now be required for all businesses within the city limits of Colville as well as many new categories.  Please review the attached ordinance above for the new requirements as well as the new list of exemptions.

Please pay special attention to the new language regarding businesses that are not located within the city and the new requirements.  This is listed in Ordinance No. 1625 N.S., Section 5.02.025 (6) Exemptions.

The  Business Registration application must be completed and submitted to:

Colville Treasurer’s Office
170 South Oak
Colville, WA 99114

The business registration fee covers the period from January through December. Notices for business registration renewals will be sent out early December and due January 1.

Business Registration Fees

  • New Registration - $10.00
  • Renewal - $5.00
  • Penalty - $5.00/month until paid in full

 A change in ownership of a business requires that the new owner apply for a new registration.

Peddler's Permit

The City of Colville requires that anyone peddling wares or services within the city limits obtain a peddler’s permit.  They must also complete a City Business Registration Application.
Peddler’s Permit Fee $20.00

  • The Peddler’s permit fee covers a pre-determined period, not to exceed December 31st of any year, which will be reflected on the permit. (Door-to-door peddlers must name an end date at the time of purchase.)
  • The Peddler’s permit must list all locations that the peddler will be selling wares or services.
  • A location not already reflected on the Peddler’s permit will require the purchase of an additional Peddler’s permit.
  • Peddlers are not allowed to sell on public property without first applying for and obtaining a Special Use Permit through the City of Colville Building and Planning Department located at 170 South Oak, Colville, WA 99114.

Any peddler who fails to obtain a permit before commencing business, or is found selling wares on public property, may be subject to penalties as detailed in the Colville Municipal Code 5.04.060 Violation-Penalty.


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