Collection and Treatment
All of the wastewater is transported via an underground network of piping and pump stations, called the Collection System, to the Wastewater Treatment Plant located on Louis Perras Rd. The Wastewater Treatment Plant is one of the City’s most expensive and complicated facilities. The wastewater is processed through several physical and biological treatment processes and finally disinfected through an ultraviolet light exposure process that kills all harmful bacteria before being discharged to the Colville River. The treated discharge, or effluent, meets or exceeds stringent water quality parameters before it is discharged. 

The fragile biological treatment process commissions the services of millions of microorganisms to perform the lengthy treatment functions. In order to protect the populations of microorganisms from toxic discharges of illegal substances, the City administers a pre-treatment program to help ensure the high quality of our effluent and biosolids, and to remain in compliance with our state discharge permit. 

If you are having a sewer issue that you would like to report, please call 509-684-2244. If you are having an after-hour sewer emergency, please call the Dispatch center after-hours emergency number t 509-684-2555.
    Waste Water Treatment
    Scott Thomas
    Waste Water Treatment

    Waste Water Treatment

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    7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


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