2020 Comprehenseive Plan Update

The City of Colville formally began the comprehensive plan update process in late January 2020. The City Council, Zoning Board and Planning Commission held joint workshops on January 28, 2020 and February 19, 2020 to discuss the comprehensive plan update.  All meetings were open to the public and public participation was encouraged and appreciated.

In mid-February the planning/consultant team facilitated a series of community stakeholder meetings focused on elements of the comprehensive plan (economic development, land use, parks & recreation, transportation, historic preservation etc.). On April 21, 2020 the consultant team led City Council and key stakeholders through a process to verify goals and polices to be considered for the comprehensive plan.

On April 29, 2020, the planning team led a technical working group of stakeholders to complete the comprehensive plan “future land use map”. The City Council, Zoning Board and Planning Commission held joint workshops on May 12, 2020 to finalize the plan vision statement and the goals and policies. 

The Planning Commission met for a Public Hearing June 10, 2020 for a review of the Draft 2020 City of Colville Comprehensive Plan and met again June 30, 2020 for final review and recommendation to City Council.

City Council will be holding a Public Hearing for the potential adoption of the Comprehensive Plan Update July 28, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. Please contact the City Clerks Office for meeting accommodations at 509-684-5094.

DRAFT - City of Colville Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update 2020

If you have comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to the Building and Planning Department or attend (via zoom) one of the upcoming Public Hearing meetings. If you are interested in attending any of the upcoming Public Hearing meetings, please see the link below for the proposed schedule.

Comprehensive Plan - Public Hearing/Adoption Schedule

We appreciate your interest in helping shape the future of Colville.

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